I was born with a port wine stain that covers a decent portion of my face.

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Question: I was born with a port wine stain that covers a decent portion of my face.  I know lasers can be used to even skin tone, but usually not in an extreme case like mine.  Is there a special laser technique to even out more extreme cases of skin discoloration?

Answer: Absolutely, there are many lasers that can effectively treat vascular lesions such as port wine stains.  These include pulsed dye lasers which would be considered the “gold standard”, intense pulsed light, YAG lasers and other lasers as well.  Typically several treatments are required to adequately get rid of a port wine stain and in many instances, the entire port wine stain cannot be completely eradicated, but certainly the very far majority of it can be treated very successfully with a variety of different lasers.  I would recommend seeking out a physician who has significant experience treating port wine stains if this involves a significant portion of your face as it does take a significant amount of experience and skill to provide significant improvement and yet reduce any sort of risk of complication.

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