I would like a chemical peel but really know very little about them

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Question: I would like a chemical peel but really know very little about them. I have fine lines around my eyes and now my mouth. How much skin is removed with the peel? How long must I stay home afterwards?

Answer: Chemical peels and laser peels are both affective at wrinkle reduction of performed appropriately. Depending on what type of chemical, as well as what type of laser and depth of laser treatment, will depend on how much wrinkle reduction you get and how much downtime is associated with the treatment. Most treatments that create wrinkle reduction are going to need to go into the mid-dermis of the skin and this type of peeling is going to require somewhere around 5 to 6 days of healing time, during which the skin looks quite unattractive and needs to be coated in a thin layer of a greasy-type of balm. Most patients therefore do not socialize during those 5 to 6 days. After this time makeup can be applied to cover any residual pinkness that is left over from the treatment.

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