I would like to get injectable fillers in my face.

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Question: I would like to get injectable fillers in my face. I would like to plump up both my lips and my nasolabial folds which have gotten quite pronounced. I would also like hyaluronic acid because the reports that I read indicate it is longer lasting than collagen. Is hyaluronic acid appropriate for both areas?

Answer: Yes, I would highly recommend that you consider hyaluronic acid fillers to plump your lips and fill the nasolabial folds. Frequently we will combine different types of hyaluronic acid fillers for these 2 areas, as in the lips we want a very soft filler, and yet in the nasolabial folds we might want something a bit thicker and longer lasting. This is what I call customized filler injections due to the fact that we will combine different fillers for different areas of the face. I essentially abandoned collage back when the hyaluronic acid fillers were first available back around 2002, as I really felt that the hyaluronic acid fillers were so much better than collagen that I really saw very little usefulness to collagen products any longer. I would however recommend you seek out an experienced filler injector, especially for your lips due to the fact that you would want to make sure that you get a very natural-appearing result and not end up looking like some people you have seen on TV that have obviously overdone and unnatural-appearing lips.

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