Increasingly More Lives at Risk Due to Illegal Buttocks Injections

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Women all across the country are going to new lengths to receive plastic surgery results through cheaper alternatives. These women are placing their lives at risk by receiving illicit black market procedures by individuals without any significant medical training. The injections often involve home improvement materials, such as silicone, being dangerously introduced into their bodies. As a result, the women are facing disfiguring, and sometimes deadly, consequences.

In particular, women are increasingly drawn to receiving buttocks injections in order to achieve the popular appearance of women in hip-hop music videos. This procedure is so dangerous that an experienced and certified plastic surgeon will not even perform it to their patients. Doctors will perform buttocks implants and lifts, which are a safer method for achieving an improved buttocks appearance. The issue is that women are throwing caution to the wind because they are distracted by the dollar signs. An average legal buttocks implant is typically around $4,670, while the illegal alternatives are around $2,000. Blinded by their desire to receive a shapely body like Jennifer Lopez, women put themselves in great danger by opting for injections that are more affordable.

The path to illegal injections is a risky road to travel down, especially with more doctors and authorities receiving injury cases caused by them. Fatalities resulting from black market buttocks injections have been reported in numerous states, including Alabama, Florida, Nevada, and New York. In Mississippi, an interior decorator is in the process of being tried for the deaths of two women who received buttocks injections in her home. Unfortunately, the frightening trend is steadily on the rise as more online forums are boasting plastic surgery procedures at insanely discounted prices. Thousands of women, and even some men, have been allured into the trap and are facing harmful outcomes from the decision.

For instance, Apryl Michelle Brown was enticed to receive injections to cure her from the flat buttocks that she born with. What seemed like a dream come true quickly turned into a nightmare. She was rushed to the hospital after the injection sites became excruciatingly painful and hard. After surgery to remove the industrial silicone found inside her body, Brown suffered a staph infection that left her on death’s doorway. She pulled through and was saved, but at the terrible cost of having both her hands and feet amputated.

The horrific consequences of illicit cosmetic surgery procedures and the large amounts injected into the buttocks are very difficult for experienced doctors to repair. The injected silicone can drift down the leg, resulting in the need for amputation. Similarly, the injections can cause infections and blood clots. If the needle used to inject the silicone hits a blood vessel in the hand of an untrained individual, it can easily enter the bloodstream and travel to the lungs. This may lead to respiratory failure and death.

While the legal cosmetic surgery procedures come with a steeper price tag, they also come with the security of being in the care of a certified and trained professional. Those interested in transforming the appearance of their buttocks and other bodily features need to remember to place a priority of their health above all.

These stories are tragic and always greatly concerning that people are willing to risk the lives of others just to make a quick profit. It is equally disturbing that people are so eager to improve their appearance that they forgo their research and see a provider just because they are inexpensive, not realizing that in that decision they may have risked their lives. I highly recommend researching any aesthetic provider; even it appears quite simple such as a Botox or a filler injection. Even when it seems as if the risks are quite minimal, an experienced injector will be able to provide a safe experience and give the client the look they desire. The risk of a bad outcome, or even worse, is not worth the monetary savings.


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