In my research I have learned the chemical peels are all acidic formulations

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Question: In my research I have learned the chemical peels are all acidic formulations. How can I be sure that my chemical peel does not become a chemical burn?

Answer: Well that is really the trick of performing chemical peels is to make sure that the application is appropriate so that we end up with the result we desire without complications. For deeper chemical peels we use pharmaceutical grade chemicals and when I used to perform Baker-Gordon phenol peels I would mix the solution in the operating room right before its use to assure that the proportions are correct. The application is also important in that a heavier solution is applied to the thicker skinned areas and then a less saturated swab is used for thinner skinned areas like the eye so that we do not over treat areas. All in all it does take significant experience to be able to perform chemical and laser peels and I would therefore seek out a board-certified facial plastic surgeon if possible.

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