Is hair removal extremely painful?

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Question: My best friend had laser hair removal done and told me it was extremely painful. Is this true?

Answer: Certain areas of the body and certain lasers can be extremely uncomfortable for laser hair removal.  If we are treating a very sensitive area of the face or body it is usually a relatively small area that we are treating.  In that case we will go ahead and pretreat with some topical anesthetic which will nearly eliminate any discomfort during the laser hair removal process.  If we are treating larger areas, such as the legs, back, or chest, or even the axilla or armpit then we will use the Duette System by Vasculight which has a suction device and a much larger treatment head both of which result in greatly reduced discomfort as well as a significant increase in the speed at which the laser can be used.  This results in a much faster and less uncomfortable laser hair removal experience.  In fact the far majority of our patients would say that their laser hair removal experience was not painful at all.

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