Is Juvéderm effective for deep nasolabial folds?

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Yes absolutely, Juvéderm is extremely effective for deep nasolabial folds, but this frequently requires more than one syringe for patients whose folds are truly deep. In these circumstances we usually use Juvéderm Ultra Plus as it will last a bit longer. These products are exceptionally safe and consistent and can provide a remarkable rejuvenation in this area. Typically they will last approximately a year and then can be reinjected. Occasionally I will have patients (usually they are at least in their 60s or older )who will have an extremely long term effect from these hyaluronic acid injectable fillers in that I have seen them two to three years out and the patient still has significant volume. This is thought to be a rejuvenation of the skin itself in that fresh collagen is laid down due to the expansion of the tissue by the previous injectable filler and it is almost as if stem cells have been reawakened and this rejuvenation can therefore be extremely long lasting. Unfortunately, this only occurs in a select handful of patients, The far majority of patients have a temporary improvement.

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