Is Radiesse best to get rid of some much-hated smile lines?

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Question:  I am a 60-year-old who I   Is Radiesse my best option?

 Answer:  That is a very difficult question to answer but I would certainly say that Radiesse is a good option for you.  Whether or not it is the best option is certainly something that can be debated all day long.  I personally prefer the hyaluronic acid products as they seem to have a more natural feel sooner, and their safety profile is absolutely phenomenal.

Furthermore, they can actually be reversed if there ever is a problem.  The only downside I see is that Radiesse is slightly thicker and, in certain individuals with very difficult-to-lift depressions or folds, Radiesse may be a better option.  Ultimately, I feel an evaluation by a very experienced injector would be appropriate as we can typically assess the thickness and integrity of the tissue that we desire to lift, and an appropriate filler would then be recommended.

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