Is there one laser hair removal machine that is the best?

Dr. Andrew Campbell at Quintessa Aesthetic Center

Is there one laser hair removal machine that is the best?

I would say there are a couple primary machines that would be considered the best for laser hair removal. This is an arguable subject, but my personal favorite laser hair removal machine is the Duette system by Vasculight. This diode laser has a very large head with a vacuum assist to it that creates a fast, effective, and nearly pain-free experience.

Is laser hair removal at home as good as it would be in the office?

While it can be convenient, there are a few drawbacks to trying laser hair removal devices at home. Here are some of the cons:

  • Hand-held hair removers are not as powerful and efficient as the machines professionals use in the clinic or office, which could lead to poor results or the need to try additional applications
  • At-home tools only work a handful of contrasting hair and skin colors and contain sensors that block them from working on darker skin to prevent the risk of burning
  • The lasers professionals use can be calibrated, to some extent, for hair color, skin color, and intensity so your aesthetician can personalize your experience and your results
  • You may miss out on important health advice — remember to avoiding photosensitizing medication like antihistamines, tetracycline antibiotics, and oral contraceptives or certain types of skincare products

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