Is there such a thing as a nonsurgical nose job for a drooped tip?

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Yes there is.  Botox or Dysport can be used to relax the muscle at the base of the nose and in the upper lip called the depressor septi muscle that can pull a nasal tip down.  Only a certain percentage of patients actually have this muscle, but is a patient does have strong activity in this muscle and a droopy tip, the relaxation of this muscle can elevate the patient’s tip slightly.  Overall the effect is relatively subtle, but certainly very much appreciated by the patient who has this.  Obviously due to the fact that the treatment is Botox or Dysport, the result will only be temporary.  A permanent solution to this problem would be a form of rhinoplasty and I would recommend that anyone interested in a more permanent solution seek someone with a very significant amount of rhinoplasty experience as rhinoplasty is one of the most difficult cosmetic operations to master.

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