It seems that just about anyone can administer Botox injections

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Question: It seems that just about anyone can administer Botox injections, but you always hear horror stories. What sort of qualifications should the person have? Should they be a doctor? What should I be looking for in someone to perform my Botox injections?

Answer: Well I feel that the only people that should be performing Botox injections are either a medical doctor or a nurse that is directly supervised by a medical doctor. I do have a nurse injector at Quintessa Medical Spa and she has extensive experience with Botox and filler injections, as well as sclerotherapy. She does work directly under my oversight and I have certainly taught her many details about Botox and filler injections to improve her skills and results. I will say that just because a person is a medical doctor or just because a nurse is being overseen by a medical doctor this certainly does not guarantee you excellence in injectable technique and understanding.

Ultimately, if the physician is a facial plastic surgeon or plastic surgeon or even a dermatologist or oculoplastic surgeon more than likely they have significant background and education in the esthetic care of the face and should be a good choice if they have experience with Botox and fillers. There are obviously many specialties in medicine and in this day and age many physicians are trying to supplement their income by performing esthetic services and they may not have the background that would allow them to excel at cosmetic services. Ultimately, sticking with the core specialties that I just mentioned will increase your likelihood of this successful treatment.

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