Can Restylane contour the face for more of an oval shape?

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Question: Can Restylane contour the face for more of an oval shape?

Answer: Restylane can definitely contour the face to create any sort of shape that is desired, but if you really have an issue with significant volume need, you may want to consider either facial implants or fat grafting since it would become quite expensive to use multiple syringes of Restylane to overall change the shape of one’s face.  Most of the time we are using syringes of Restylane to improve upon slight depressions and folds and we can use anywhere from one to six syringes of Restylane to improve upon these areas and in effect change the contour of the face, but remember that 1 teaspoon is 5 cc, so this is just a little over 5 cc of product, whereas when we do fat grafting we may use anywhere from 10 up to 60 cc of fat doing full-face rejuvenation.  That is 10 times more volume of which a third to a half of this volume will be retained long term.  So, as you can see Restylane is going to have limited effectiveness to truly change one’s facial shape, but it is an excellent option for those that just need a little bit of tweaking in areas that are concerning.

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