Laser Skin Resurfacing Results: What Can You Expect?

Dr. Andrew Campbell at Quintessa Aesthetic Center

Question: What kind of results can you expect from laser skin resurfacing?

Answer: The results from laser skin resurfacing are directly dependent on the depth of which the laser is used to treat the skin. In other words, the deeper the laser resurfacing the more significant the results, but at the same time, you have more significant risks as well. When the laser is used very superficially, you have very minimal risks, and you can still get significant improvement in skin texture and discolorations, but your wrinkle reduction will be rather minimal. When the laser is used quite deep in the skin, your wrinkle reduction can be quite remarkable and so can the improvement in discolorations and texture. Ultimately though, this is a very customized treatment and requires the skill of a very experienced laser surgeon to make sure that you ultimately get the results that you desire while minimizing any possibility of complication.

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