Tips for Choosing Skincare Products

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When you walk down the aisles at a drugstore or visit the skincare section of a beauty store, the options can seem overwhelming. There are products that promise to improve skin tone, reduce wrinkles or make your skin feel softer and smoother.

Skincare products are available in a wide range of price points too, which might make you wonder if a $10 product is as effective as a $150 product and if the $150 product is really worth the extra expense.

The results you get from a skincare treatment at Quintessa Medical Spa are more likely to last if you take good care of your skin. Don’t find yourself guessing in the skincare aisle. Here are some tips to help you choose the best products for your skin.

Top Skincare Ingredients

Certain ingredients in products are more likely to make your skin look and feel better than others. Vitamins are a particularly valuable ingredient, particularly vitamins A and C. Retinoids are derived from Vitamin A, for example.

Retinoids come in several forms, from prescription-strength Tretinoin to retinols that are available in over-the-counter products. Tretinoin has been approved by the FDA to reduce the signs of wrinkles.

While over-the-counter products contain a lower dose of retinol than the prescription cream, they are still effective at reducing wrinkles and making skin feel softer and smoother. Retinoids also help even out skin tone by reducing dark spots and blemishes.

Vitamin C is another ingredient to look for in your skincare products. It’s an antioxidant that reduces inflammation, boosts collagen production and can help protect your skin from sunburns and wrinkles.

Also look for vitamin E in the ingredients list, specifically in the form Dl-alpha-tocopherol. Ideally, the product will contain both vitamins C and E, as the two  need each other to work well. Vitamin C is water-soluble while E is lipid-soluble, so the two complement each other.

Skin Type

The type of skin you have determines the products that will work best on it. If your skin is prone to breakouts, you’ll want something that helps clear up acne while fighting the effects of aging, for example.

If your skin is very sensitive and becomes irritated when you use harsh products on it, choose items that are designed for sensitive skin. You might need to look for products that don’t contain a retinoid or that have a lower amount. If retinoids irritate your skin, look for products with alpha hydroxy acids instead, or try using the product every other day.

HOne in on the problem area

The wide variety of choices available means it’s very easy to go overboard with skincare products. For best results, focus on one problem area, such as skin tone or wrinkles, instead of trying to combat every problem. Using too many different products or too many different ingredients can make your skin less healthy and less happy.

For example, if you apply a retinoid cream morning and night and use a product that contains alpha hydroxy acid, your skin might become flaky, irritated and red, as the alpha hydroxy acid peels away the top layer of skin and the retinoid encourages exfoliation. Both ingredients also raise your skin’s sensitivity to the sun, meaning you’re more likely to get burned.

Aesthetic Advisor™ Program

Quintessa created a program to help you with exactly this problem – finding the right skincare for your individual needs. Aesthetic needs are so unique that they require specific, personalized guidance. An Aesthetic Advisor™ is your motivator, educator, and mentor, available 24/7. Having an expert Aesthetic Advisor™ can also save you money as you no longer need to experiment with products that may not be right for you. They will listen, analyze, recommend top-of-the-line industry products, all while empowering you throughout the entire aesthetic process.

Skincare Options at Quintessa

Quintessa Aesthetic Center also offers a range of high-quality skincare products. Some products, such as OxyMist and Amino-Plex, are designed to soothe the skin after a treatment such as laser skin resurfacing. The products contain amino acid, nucleopeptides, vitamin E and other ingredients that are designed to help speed healing and optimize your results.

If you want to maintain your complexion and reduce the signs of aging, picking the right skincare products is a must. To learn more about the ideal products for your skin, fill out the form below for a free consultation.

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