Is there one type of laser that’s considered the best?

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Question: I’m interested in laser resurfacing and wondering if there’s one type of laser that’s considered the best or if different lasers are used for different problems.

Answer: There are a multitude of different lasers out on the market that target different molecules in the skin.  Some are ablative, which means that they create a significant injury to the skin that requires healing while others are what is considered non-ablative, which means that they only heat up the tissue but do not destroy any tissue and, therefore, healing is much less intense and quicker.  Overall, I think it is very important that you seek out a very experienced provider that has extensive knowledge in your area of interest. Having said that I would recommend a board-certified facial plastic surgeon or board-certified plastic surgeon since they would be specializing in your area of interest.  Ultimately, we want to customize the treatment and the laser device so that we can give the patient the best result possible while minimizing any sort of risks and downtime.

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