What are my options for nonsurgical facelift alternatives?

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Question: What are my options for nonsurgical facelift alternatives? What exactly do they do and how effective are they?

In my opinion, one of the only good options for a nonsurgical facelift alterative would be Ultherapy. Ultherapy is an ultrasound device that targets the ultrasound energy 3 to 4.5 mm beneath the skin, and this heats up this tissue causing new collagen deposition, which then tightens this tissue. Ultimately, due to the multiple areas that are treated, this will allow for lifting of the facial structures. It is FDA approved for brow lifting, and this lift can be rather dramatic in many patients. We also use it in the mid face, jowl area, and even below the chin. I will admit that the Ultherapy is not going to be nearly as effective as a surgical option for the lower portion of the face, but it is nonsurgical and has absolutely no down time. In my opinion, it is the most effective way to try and lift the soft tissues of the face in a nonsurgical fashion. In fact, it is the only nonsurgical, noninvasive device ever to be given a lift indication by the FDA. I would encourage you to schedule a consultation at Quintessa Medical Spa, so that we can discuss this treatment.

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