What are some nonsurgical facelift procedures for an African-American female in her mid 30s?

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Question: What are some nonsurgical facelift procedures for an African-American female in her mid 30s?

Most African-American females in their mid 30s really do not have any significant laxity in their face but, if you are seeing early jowling and laxity in the submental region or midface area or even laxity in the brows, then I would highly recommend the Ultherapy procedure, which is an ultrasound-based procedure that can provide facial lifting and is currently FDA approved for browlifting but is also used in the mid and lower facial regions and even on areas of the body.  We have extensive experience at Quintessa Medical Spa using the Ultherapy device and have been getting consistent improvement in our facial rejuvenation.  The result is more subtle than a surgical procedure but the treatment is performed with absolutely no downtime, and patients resume their normal activities immediately afterwards.  Ultherapy works by focusing ultrasound waves 3 mm to 4.5 mm below the skin, and this energy is deposited at this level and causes heat buildup in this tissue, which then allows for new collagen deposition, which in turn tightens the tissue and causes lifting of the facial features.  The results can take three to six months to become visible, and another upside is that you now have increased collagen in your tissue, which should then help reduce the aggressiveness of signs of future aging.  I would recommend that you have a consultation at Quintessa Medical Spa so that we can evaluate your anatomic concerns and make sure that we can satisfy your expectations.

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