What are the different options available for chemical peels?

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Question: What are the different options available for chemical peels?

Answer: The different options for chemical peels are nearly endless due to the fact that there are so many different chemicals and substances that we can apply to the skin and cause some sort of a peel. Ultimately the decision needs to be made as to what we are trying to improve upon regarding the patient’s skin before we decide what type of a chemical peel would be best for that particular problem. Frequently we can perform broadband light treatments to help patients with their pigmentary and vascular abnormalities and this requires absolutely no downtime. Other times, patients have extremely deep wrinkles and they really desire significant rejuvenation to the skin and this would require an extremely deep chemical peel or an extremely deep laser peel for an adequate visible improvement. Ultimately, this is a highly customized area of facial plastic surgery and I would recommend that you seek out a board-certified facial plastic surgeon who is very comfortable dealing with virtually all aspects of skin rejuvenation.

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