What is the downtime of the deepest chemical peel that you offer?

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Question: What is the downtime of the deepest chemical peel that you offer? Does the face actually peel off like a sunburn peel? Is there pain associated with this treatment?

Answer: The deepest chemical peel that I used to offer was a Baker-Gordon phenol peel which is literally the deepest chemical peel that can be performed as anything that would go deeper would create scarring. This type of peel was very affective at producing significant wrinkle reduction and skin tightening, but this came at the expense of lightening of the skin coloration and a small risk of scarring. I therefore have been using an ablative Erbium laser over the past 5 years with excellent success while also minimizing any risks and complications as when used appropriately this laser does not tend to lighten the patient’s natural skin color at all. It still tends to retain the patient’s natural normal skin texture and yet it will completely eliminate lines and wrinkles, cause a significant amount of skin tightening, and also can be used to eliminate pigmentary issues as well. Ultimately, a consultation at Quintessa Medical Spa would be appropriate so that we can analyze your skin and specific areas of concern and develop a customized treatment plan just for you.

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