What type of chemical peels do you use? Does it depend on the individual?

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Question: What type of chemical peels do you use? Does it depend on the individual? I have uneven pigmentation on my face and the texture is rough, perhaps from the sun.

Answer: At Quintessa Medical Spa we do provide patients with various chemical peel options, but I personally no longer use chemical peels in my facial plastic surgery practice as I have completely replaced them with various lights and lasers that in my opinion do a more affective and more customized job. In essence, when I perform an ablative laser resurfacing for wrinkle reduction I can highly customize the laser injury depth for the various areas of the face so that we can maximize the patient’s result and minimize any downtime and risk of complications. It certainly does depend on the individual as to what treatment options we would recommend due to the fact that darker skinned patients are not good candidates for any sort of an ablative or destructive laser peel. We do; however, have non-ablative and non-destructive modalities that we can use to improve darker skinner patient’s skin condition. Ultimately, a consultation at Quintessa Medical Spa would be appropriate so that we can analyze your specific skin abnormalities and create a customized treatment option to meet your desires.

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