What type of laser skin resurfacing do you offer?

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Question: What type of laser skin resurfacing do you offer? I want a procedure with the least downtime but the most cosmetic affect.

Answer: For the most part you are going to get a better cosmetic affect the more injury that is created to the skin, since the more injury that is created to the skin, the more intense the healing process and the more collagen that is deposited in the deeper layer of the skin. This in turn then creates a better cosmetic appearance. In essence, the deeper the injury in the skin, the longer it is going to take to heal, but the greater the cosmetic improvement. With that said, we have been able to combine various light and laser treatments to maximize the cosmetic benefit while minimizing downtime. At Quintessa Medical Spa we have been performing what we call the 4 week challenge where we combine a rather intense broadband light treatment followed by a superficial erbium laser resurfacing combined with a ProFractional laser resurfacing, and then later perform another very intense broadband light treatment. Each of these are separated by 2 weeks so in a 4 week period we have performed a broadband light treatment and then 2 weeks later a ProFractional laser treatment with a superficial peel and then 2 weeks later a broadband light treatment again and in that time period we have been able to greatly improve the overall texture, coloration, and even wrinkles of a patient’s skin while only giving them approximately 1 to 2 days of downtime during the laser peel.

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