Who do you recommend to have a chemical peel?

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Question: Who do you recommend to have a chemical peel? I have a lot of fine wrinkles around my mouth and a few new age spots I would like to remove. I am 48 years old, male, and a smoker.

Answer: Virtually anyone with a skin condition can be a good candidate for a chemical peel, as long as they do not have acute inflammation in the skin or any signs of infection. There are; however, countless varieties of different chemical peels and these can therefore be customized for each individual’s needs and desires. I will mention that in order to get significant visible wrinkle reduction, you have to go to some pretty powerful chemical peels and the lighter peels are really a waste of time if your goal is wrinkle reduction. For dark spots, many different chemical peels can do a wonderful job of helping with pigmentation and textural irregularities and ultimately I always recommend patients seek out an experienced provider that is comfortable using a variety of different methods to achieve your specific goal.

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