Will a scar revision procedure eliminate or help to reduce their appearance?

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Question: I am in my 20s and have exceptionally terrible acne scarring from my teen years. Will a scar revision procedure eliminate or help to reduce their appearance?

Answer: I would have to personally evaluate your acne scarring to determine what procedure would be best for you, but for certain individuals a scar revision surgery would be appropriate if the acne scarring is exceptionally deep. This will only improve the area so that other adjunctive procedures, such as ProFractional laser resurfacing can be used to further improve the appearance of the acne scarring. Most of my patients have acne scarring that is not significant to warrant any sort of surgical intervention and therefore most of my patients we simply treat with the ProFractional laser, spacing treatments about a month apart and performing a series of 3 treatments. We allow this to then heal and the far majority of patients get a very significant improvement in their acne scarring, though I do caution patients that they cannot expect the acne scarring to be completely gone, but rather our end goal is a significant improvement of somewhere between 50% and 80%. If they would be happy with this, then more than likely they will be extremely happy with the results that we can achieve.

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