Would facial liposuction be an appropriate procedure for me?

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Question: At 52 years old, I am a very physically fit male and take pride in my appearance. I am starting to get the telltale signs of jowls and a little double chin. No matter what I do I cannot get rid of them. Would facial liposuction be an appropriate procedure for me or do I need to have a facelift along with it?

Answer: More than likely at 52 years old liposuction is not the best procedure for you.  As we get a bit older and our skin loses its elasticity it simply does not bounce back and we therefore end up with some laxity.  Liposuction alone will only reduce some of the volume, but will not improve upon laxity and can actually sometimes make laxity look worse.  More than likely what you would need is at the very least a necklift, but you may want to consider a full facelift as well depending on your particular anatomy.  A necklift or mini-lift can be performed in the office setting using strictly local anesthetic or as more sophisticated facelift techniques, such as what I perform in the operating room which is called and extended SMAS or high SMAS deep plane facelift can provide much more rejuvenation and longevity, but does require going to the operating room.  Ultimately, I recommend a consultation so that we can discuss your desires and then I will discuss the specific details regarding each possible treatment so that a customized treatment plan can be created just for you.

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