Would you recommend aggressive microdermabrasion for aging skin?

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No, I really would not recommend aggressive microdermabrasion for aging skin. If anything, all that is going to do is create more irritation to your skin and really will not provide any significant amount of rejuvenation to aging skin. Most commonly this type of recommendation is from someone who only has a microdermabrasion machine and is unable to perform the more sophisticated techniques that we can at the Quintessa Medical Spa. I would therefore recommend treatments such as the Q-Renew, which involves the ProFractional laser by Sciton. This laser creates small tunnels in the skin that injure the deeper dermis causing new collagen deposition. This in turn causes skin tightening and wrinkle reduction. Other treatments such as deep erbium laser resurfacing can also be performed for an extremely dramatic improvement in deep lines and wrinkles. I would recommend scheduling a consultation at Quintessa Medical Spa to discuss your various options as I really do not feel aggressive microdermabrasion will give any sort of satisfactory result.

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