Would you recommend ProFractional™ treatments for thin white scars?

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Thin white scars are essentially what we would desire after any sort of a surgical intervention on the face. Anytime there is a full thickness injury to the skin, a scar will result during the healing process. The idea is to make the scar as inconspicuous and as thin as possible. When the scar is already thin and white, we have essentially accomplished our surgical goal, but we can certainly make things look better through additional treatment options such as ProFractional laser resurfacing.  The ProFractional resurfacing, however, is ablative in that it destroys some tissue and due to this fact, the healing phase then creates the new collagen and due to the destruction, you will end up diffusing some of that linear scar and making it less conspicuous. At Quintessa Medical Spa, we typically treat these scars approximately one month apart for three full treatments and each treatment will have some oozing for a few days, but overall the downtime is quite minimal.

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