From fixing knife wounds to helping cancer survivors, surgeon helps patients find peace of mind

dr daniel butz family sitting on a plaid blanket in a park on a sunny day

For Dr. Daniel Butz, plastic surgery is as much about fixing bodies as it is bringing his patients peace of mind.

He spent several hours surgically repairing a patient who had been stabbed multiple times in a Wisconsin parking garage attack. “She had been knifed severely everywhere,” Butz said. Another patient had had a portion of her lower lip bitten off by a relative. He’s also performed numerous breast reconstruction surgeries over as many as nine months on patients who have conquered cancer.

“Whether it’s cosmetic, rejuvenating the body or whatever issue is affecting my patients, I like the idea of helping people,” Butz said. “I like to fix and build things, and plastic surgery is the perfect way of doing it.”

Butz is the newest surgeon at Quintessa Aesthetic Center, an expanding plastic surgery practice that has locations in Sheboygan, Mequon, Delafield, Middleton and another soon to open in Madison. Butz “is an expert in all aesthetic procedures from breast and body to face and rhinoplasty,” said Quintessa founder and CEO, Dr. Andrew Campbell, who added Butz will be seeing patients in Mequon and Sheboygan starting in September.

Butz said he is excited to be a part of Quintessa’s business model, which is a partnership between the Quintessa brand and surgeons who can focus on patients and medical care, while Quintessa’s team of business professionals run the practice’s other facets.

“Dr. Campbell has figured out a good formula for doing the business side of things, and he has great facilities,” said Butz, a native of De Pere who lives in Elm Grove. “I saw the Quintessa model as a way to keep my priorities in line moving forward.”

That includes spending quality time with his wife, Meg, a Senior Associate at Seyfarth Shaw LLP in the law firm’s Labor & Employment Group, and their three young children: Nolan, 4; Theo, 3; and Avery 1½.

“I’m excited because he gets to join a team who is passionate about their jobs and the industry, and he will be getting much needed support … while he can focus on what he loves and what he does best — the surgery part,” Meg Butz said.

Butz said his path to plastic surgery was “kind of sporadic.” Growing up in De Pere, a suburb of Green Bay, he routinely helped his father, Joel, fix items in the homes that he was flipping. He said the science and medical part of his brain came from his mom, Debbie, a nurse who focused on wellness education and hospice care.

Butz majored in biology at Edgewood College in Madison, where he also was a member of the school’s soccer team, and he completed his medical degree at the Medical College of Wisconsin, where he became interested in plastic and reconstructive surgery after working with plastic surgeons in a burn unit.

“I appreciated how the surgeons solved problems and did things,” Butz said.

Butz spent six years at University of Chicago – “it was a top-notch facility with some of the best doctors in the field to learn from,” Butz said — completing a combined Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Residency before finishing a fellowship year of training in San Francisco in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Butz moved back to Wisconsin in 2017.

He’s excited to establish roots in Elm Grove, which has great green space for his family and is close to his in-laws, who are both physicians, and will help watching the children.

Meg Butz, who works from home but also commutes a few times a month to Seyfarth Shaw’s Chicago-based offices, said living in Elm Grove is the perfect balance for her and her husband.

“Our families are also incredibly supportive and living close to family was one of the main reasons why we moved back to Wisconsin,” she said.

And Butz, who won a high school soccer state championship at Notre Dame Academy in Green Bay, said he’s thrilled to be Quintessa’s newest teammate.

“I alone can’t do a lot of the things I want to do,” Butz said. “Playing soccer taught me how to function and work as part of a team. I’m excited to work with my new team.”

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